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Sivira Organiks Pvt. Ltd.

Preparation Chemicals

With our domain expertise, we are engaged in the production and distribution of high quality Preparation Chemicals. The variety of Preparation Chemicals, we offer includes Scouring and Bleaching Agents, De-Aerating Agents, Wetting Agents, Protonic Treatment, Sequestering Agents and Mercerizing Agents. The clients can avail the Preparation Chemicals from us in varied specifications to meet their diverse industrial requirements. These Preparation Chemicals are widely demanded by the clients for their excellent quality and properties.

Mercerizing Agents
SIVIMERK RAWLow foaming mercerizing wetting agents having excellent iron complexing activity.
SIVIMERK NCP Low foaming,non-cresylic mercerizing wetting agent.
Sequestering Agents
SEQVASOL K, WS 100 An excellent dispersant cum sequestering agent with good binding properties towards heavy metals and hardening agents.
SEQVASOL K, ECNAn efficient and high temperature chelating cum sequestering agent for calcium,magnesium and other hardening agents, Effective in alkali bath.
Protonic Treatment
ROTOXY K, DMN 100A new generation excellent dye bath conditioner with good demineralizing property for cotton.
PROTOXY K, TPNMultipurpose product for pretreatment & neutralization.
Wetting Agents
SUWET K, ANC 50Powerful anionic wetting and re-wetting agent.Good lime soap dispersing property.
SUWET K, ECU AN An excellent powerful wetting and re-wetting agent.
SUWET K, NIW 100An excellent nonionic wetting agent with good detergency action.
SUWET K, NISNonionic wetting agent with good dispersing properties.
De-Aerating Agents
SUWET K, DEAROL NFAn excellent wetting and de-aerating agent with good foam inhibiting property.
SUWET K, DEAROL EXTAn excellent penetrant with high wetting action and good foam inhibiting property.Good antifoam action at higher temperatures.
Scouring and Bleaching Agents
SIVISOL KLEENZ PCLFA versatile,APEO free,biodegradable,low foaming wetting agent with excellent detergency,emulsifying & dispersing properties.
SIVISOL KLEENZ ESCA low foaming,APEO free scouring and wetting agent with good alkali stability.
SIVISOL KLEENZ FB100Excellent scouring agent with good alkali stability with high cloud point.
CLEANZOL K, CPA biodegradable,phosphate free scouring and wetting agent with good degreasing and mineral oil emulsifying properties.
SIVICLENZ K, SR 100An excellent solvent based scouring agent for complete removal of graphite,kandi and box marks.
SIVISOL KLEENZ ATJudicious blend of surface-reactive agents for scouring and cleaning operations for machine cleaning and reduction clearing baths.
Antichlor Agents
SIVICHLOR K, NEW A new generation product for neutralization of hypochlorite and core alkali from the fabric.
Peroxide Killers
KLENZOL EPN Highly efficient peroxide killer.
Peroxide Stabilizers
SIVISTAB CK 100 Silicate free peroxide stabilizer for peroxide cold pad- batch,pad-steam bleaching as well as discontinuous long liquor peroxide bleach process.
SIVISTAB K, EPS A highly effective silicate free peroxide stabilizer for bleaching of cotton on continuous bleaching ranges with specific anticatalytic effect.

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